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Our aim is to teach a range of sailing skills to our junior members in the safe environment of the Lake Grounds and when the time is right introduce them gradually with our full support to the more challenging conditions found off of the club at Sugar Loaf Beach.

We run a thriving Cadets section open to all Junior and young Family Members, numbers will be limited for some sessions, so please get in touch to see if we can accommodate you (minimum age 8).

Saturdays - 9.30 at the Lake grounds starting 27th April (or sometimes at the marina) - structured training by experienced volunteer sailors

Cadets Try Sail - Saturday 11th & 18th May 9.30. Turn up and bring old trainers, towel and change of clothes. 

Summer evening Sailing (dates tbc) 6-til late fun sailing. There is no instruction at these sessions. There will be safety boat on hand. Adults are welcome at these sessions too. These sessions are starting slightly later as we haven't got anyone to cover the first couple of weeks. The level in the lake is currently very low so any activities would resemble bog snorkling at the moment.

Please always check the website for whether a session is running each week.

As cadets progress we encourage them to attend any of the main sailing events and race in Class 3, where they can be closely supervised, or sail as crew and learn to use spinnakers and trapezes.

For further details please contact cadets


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