On line training and Prada Cup Social

Subject:Better sailing at PYSC training and Prada Cup social


Dear Members

While we stay safe at home and await being allowed back to sail, or even being allowed to go and wield a paintbrush or some shears at the club, we have a few things to keep you busy (particularly for the less musical among us!)


Virtual Winter Talks - How to sail better at PYSC

James Willcocks is presenting two virtual talks to reveal the mystery of the winds and tides at Portishead and the fastest way around the course. Each talk will be around 40mins in length and will allow time for other questions, socialising and general chat afterwards. The talks will be presented on Zoom.


Talk 1 – Wednesday 10th February 2021 - 8pm will cover weather and forecasting specific to PYSC, including what to look out for in different wind directions and conditions.

Meeting ID 916 7633 4602  passcode 341481


Talk 2 – Wednesday 10th March 2021 - 8pm will review racing and tactics at Portishead, covering starting methods, tide / wind tactics around the course for various wind directions.

Meeting ID 972 1079 6529  passcode 780203


Prada cup viewing

With the excitement mounting as Sir Ben does us proud, and in lieu of winter working, we thought it would be nice to do a bit of viewing together 

(unlikely we'll get anything as spectacular as the US capsize, but you never know)

For this you'll need something to Zoom on - to watch each other, and something to You Tube on - to watch the racing.

The idea is that we'll all watch the same you tube footage from the previous day together - so no spoilers!!

Pyjamas are very much the expected attire.


Prada  -  Sunday 14th February 2021 - 10am

Meeting ID 962 2757 2710  passcode 256107


Hope to see you there.


(Updated on 03/02/2021)

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