Crunch of the year nominations?

As you should be aware, we have our virtual not-the-dinner-&-dance event tomorrow evening.  If you hadn't picked up on that, refer to the News page of the website for details.  Come along for a bit of Lockdown cabin-fever relief.

If you have any outstanding nominations for the fun awards, this is your final call to get those to asap.

We will also be "presenting" some of the traditional awards, so I would like some help with that.  Every year, we make present na award for the most epic fail of the year, from Owen rigging the mainsail upside-down to me managing to sink my boat, etc.  We will be doing the same for 2020 tomorrow evening.  We already have some nominations and could take more on the night.  However, if you have any nominations for "Crunch of the Year" in advance of the evening, please let me know on 


Mike C

(Updated on 14/01/2021)

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