2020 Sailing programme

Hi All,

When the Sailing Sub-Committee put the 2020 sailing programme together, we couldn’t have possibly imagined that we would be heading into this strange new world, starved of sailing well into May.  Whilst we still don’t know when we will be able to go sailing, the programme is fully complete, so you might as well get to see it.  The printed 2020 handbook will be available and delivered to you shortly.

If you follow this link to my Dropbox, you will be able to download the new programme in Excel format.  If you turn to the 2nd tab, you will find it in a format that will enable you to import it into your Outlook calendar as a CSV file.

As has been the case for the last few years, there are plenty of sailing sessions where the galley isn't covered.  Simply referred to as "Volunteer" in the programme.  Once we get back on the water, if we are able to use the galley, please don't hesitate to step forward if you are able to fill the breach.  More importantly, there will be some gaps in rescue cover as a result of rostering new members who were then unable to go through the Rescue training in March / April.  We will definitely be in need of help then

I really hope that we can get back to greeting each other down at Sugarloaf sometime soon.  Until then, please stay safe and well.

Mike Chorlton

SSC Chair

(Updated on 12/05/2020)

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