Thursday 12th March @ 19:30 - The Royal

This Thursday: 12th March at 7:30pm at The Royal.


The THV Patricia is the Trinity House flagship and along with two other Trinity House ships is responsible for maintaining navigation buoys (like Newcome), refuelling offshore lighthouses and marking wrecks if required. The ship is 37 years old and was built when the management committee of Trinity House (the Elder Brethren) travelled round England and Wales inspecting lighthouses, and also when offshore lighthouses were manned and relieved by sea. As a consequence whilst being a working ship she has accommodation for 16 passengers.


At some point in the near future she will be retired and her replacement is unlikely to have any passenger accommodation. So last September we went on a week’s voyage from Plymouth to Swansea to see how buoys and lighthouses are maintained. During the voyage we travelled to the Eddystone, Start Point and Lundy lighthouses and also watched the crew repairing a buoy in situ.


If you’re interested in ships, lighthouses, and how navigation buoys are maintained, come along.


Chris & Bren Romans

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