Time to choose your 2020 roster dates

Hi All,

For the next few weeks, there will be a provisional 2020 sailing programme pinned to the noticeboard upstairs in the clubhouse.  There will be space to add your name alongside the events.  Please write your name on the chart against 4 dates.  Please sort out your diary and bring it with you when you come down for the last few sailing sessions of this season.  (Note: For those who sail infrequently, where possible, we will reduce the actual final duty allocation to more fairly reflect a balance of duties vs sailing.  However, even if you think that applies to you, please fill in 4 dates and we will drop 1 or 2 as the final programme is brought to completion).


The sooner you get your bid in, the more likely you are to be successful with the dates you want.  If you aren’t going to get to the club before Xmas, then please write directly to ssc-chair@pysc.org.uk with your duty roster preferences.  People who write on the chart in the clubhouse will get first refusal on their choices.  If you really aren't going to make it to the club anytime in the next couple of months, please email 6 possible dates to give us more scope to avoid clashes.

New 2019 members – THIS INCLUDES YOU!!!!  When you sailed in 2019, all of the rescue cover, etc was provided without you having to worry about that side of getting on the water.  The 2020 season is your first opportunity to make your “mutual-help contributions” to the smooth running of the club.  In March, April or May, you will be requested to attend rescue boat and OOD training so you will be better equipped to assist in those areas.  In the meantime, please do identify dates when you would prefer to do your bit.  If you want to be rescue boat crew, please choose dates after 9th May, by which time we hope to have you trained up.  However, feel free to offer yourself for galley duty before then. It represents a very useful opportunity for meeting and getting to know fellow club members.


Mike Chorlton

Sailing Sub-committee


(Updated on 21/11/2019)

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