The AGM is coming. and it is on Monday 6th November at the Royal. Note this is different to the advertised date!
The AGM is our opportunity to change the club rules and get the reports from all the club officers. Please come along have a drink and see how things are going in the club.
The AGM is also your opportunity to help change the club rules. If there is something you want to put forward for consideration you have until 1st October to get your proposal in writing to the secretary
The AGM is also your opportunity to give back something to the club by joining the General committee or becoming a flag officer. This year we will be looking to replace the Honorary Secretary and the Membership Secretary, though you can stand for any position you like. Nominations must be received by the Secretary by 1st October.
All the official rules for the above can be found in the current club rules here
Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask.

(Updated on 20/09/2017)

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