Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club

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The highlight of the sailing year is without doubt the Annual Dinner and Dance. This event is a great excuse to dig out the tuxedos and evening dresses for an evening of civilised and cultured company – well until we get to the speeches and novelty prizes that is (see photo!). Held in January each year at a suitable venue it is a great evening to celebrate the past year and look ahead to the new one to come. It is not to be missed, enjoyed by everyone and open to all. Some photos are still to be published.

Join us for drinks fortnightly at the Windmill Pub - for tall tales of sailing experiences and disasters!

What else is there to say except that new suggestions for events or activities are always welcome. We try to put on a new event every year- just so we can say that we tried that once! Who knows we may be playing darts or water rafting by the time you decide to join in the fun!

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events very soon.