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Application for Membership 2018

The following membership fees are effective from 15th November 2017 and cover membership until 14th November 2018 (discounts apply for joining part way through year). Contact the membership secretary for details of mid season discounts.


    Family Single Student Junior Associate
  Annual Subscription £190 £164 £82 £66 (£49)
  Total £190 £164 £82 £66 (£49)

Discounts apply for joining part way through year - see form.

The club has several compounds where dinghies and trailers may be parked for an annual fee. The fees are:

  Description Fee
  Boats upto and including 3.40m £58
  Boats greater than 3.40m £68
  Trailers £33

If you wish to join our club, please feel free to contact the Membership Secretary, any club member or visit us when we are out sailing at the club house. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on one of our racing days.

2018 Membership Application form

(Written on 21-Mar-18)